The Revival Preparing For WWE Departure By Filing New Trademarks

Adding fuel to the fire that Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder's time with WWE is coming to an end.

In the midst of WWE doing its best to tie down talents to new long-term deals, one fascinating story has been that of The Revival.

By all accounts, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder have turned down new paydays that would pay each man over $500,000 a year as a basic salary. That’s some serious money, yet The Revival are reported to be just as interested in the creative process and how much focus will be given to WWE’s tag team division as they are in how much money is on the table.

Both Dawson and Wilder’s current WWE contracts are believed to be expiring in or around this April, and there has been plentiful speculation that the tandem could spurn WWE’s big-money deal and seek a new challenge elsewhere – with arguably the greatest tag team on the planet being able to pick and choose their next destination should they call time on their WWE career.


To add further fuel to the fire where it pertains to The Revival departing WWE, some new information – courtesy of Lords of Pain – has revealed that Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder have recently filed for their own trademarks.

As of last week, the duo has put in trademark requests for “FTRKO” and “Shatter Machine”. Both of these names have been trademarked for merchandising purposes, while Shatter Machine has also been filed for “entertainment in the nature of wrestling contests” – which would suggest that Shatter Machine could well be the name used by the pairing should they finish up with WWE.


WWE would clearly loathe for The Revival to turn them down and take their talents elsewhere, but there has to be some praise for Dawson and Wilder should they decide to take their careers into their own hands and leave WWE’s ever-expanding bag of money on the table.

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