The Revival's New Name Is The Revolt?

The former Dash Wilder has been filing for trademarks again...

The Revival WWE

Cash Wheeler (formerly Dash Wilder) may have just revealed The Revival's new name post-WWE after filing for the trademark 'Fear The Revolt' on April 10, according to PWInsider.

Wheeler and Dax Harwood (formerly Scott Dawson) were released from their WWE contracts earlier this month and quickly went about changing their names on Twitter - suggesting that their days as Dash and Dawson/'The Revival' were long behind them.

Now, it has been confirmed that Wheeler filed for the 'Fear The Revolt' trademark soon after leaving WWE and this seems to indicate that the pair's name going forward may in fact be 'The Revolt'.


With WWE often not allowing recently released talents use of their WWE monikers outside of the company, it was always highly unlikely that McMahon would let the former Raw, SmackDown and NXT Tag Team Champions continue on as 'The Revival' in another company.

So, it looks like we'll have to start getting used to seeing 'The Revolt' kick *ss and do 'top guy stuff' from here on out.


What do you think of the duo's new team name?

Let us know what name you would have chosen for the pair in the comments section below!

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