The RIDICULOUS Real Reason The Miz Hosted WWE Talking Smack Last Week

Here's what happened to reported new host Xavier Woods...

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The much-missed Talking Smack returned to WWE's programming cycle last week, albeit with a notable change to the preadvertising hosting lineup.

Injured New Day man Xavier Woods was supposed to present the show alongside Kayla Braxton, replacing the old Daniel Bryan/Renee Young one-two, though it was The Miz, not Woods, who sat at the table. This led to many a fan scratching their heads, pondering what had happened.

The reason for the change? WWE literally forgot to tell Xavier he was on the show.


This is according to Dave Meltzer, who spoke about the situation on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, stating that Miz was roped in when they realised they hadn't let Woods know.

Great start, guys!


'The A-Lister' was at least an appropriate replacement. Not only is he a compelling host and one of the best talkers in the promotion, but he starred in one of Talking Smack's most memorable moments in August 2016, cutting a face-melting promo on Bryan. There's currently no word on when he'll step out of the chair intended for Woods though its safe to say he'd make a capable substitute in the future.

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