The Rock Calls Current WWE Raw Act "Great" On Twitter

This critically-acclaimed current WWE Raw act has a mega-fan in The Rock.

The Hurt Business

Let it be known that Dwayne Johnson loves him some of The Hurt Business.

The Rock posted his support for the Raw faction on Twitter by replying to one of MVP's tweets - the group's leader responded to a fan tweet about using race in wrestling. Some original artwork showed a young black boy raising a replica WWE Title in front of a mural depicting The Rock, Kofi Kingston and Bobby Lashley.

When the fan in question wondered why race was even being brought into things, MVP replied by saying, "It means something when your heroes look like you". That's when Johnson joined the party to chip in with his own two cents.


He echoed MVP's sentiments by saying, "Well said, brother". Then, Rocky went on to say that The Hurt Business are doing "great" things on Monday nights. Dwayne closed his tweet by adding, "Very happy for all of you. Very proud too. Representing".

That's a cool and classy response from 'The Great One'.


Replying, MVP added a fist bump emoji. He surely knows his stable are slaying it right now, but it must've been nice to get some kind words from The Rock.

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