The Rock Has Five Half-Siblings He Didn't Know About, Per DNA Tests

Sports Illustrated sheds light on Dwayne Journey's previously unknown half-siblings.

Dwayne Rock Johnson

Rocky Johnson, father of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, fathered five strangers who took DNA tests to confirm the family connection.

Sports Illustrated released a lengthy article on the matter on Thursday. One of Rocky's children, Lisa Purves, arranged for the DNA tests that confirmed herself, Paula Parsons, Trevor Edwards, Adrian Bowles, and Aaron Fowler as half-siblings of The Rock.

Purves had been shunned by Rocky Johnson upon reaching out to him when she was 18 years old, then again after attempting to tell him she was his daughter at 30. She later came together with Paula, Trevor, Adrian, and Aaron, who we all complete strangers to each other, following the DNA test results.


But while Rocky didn't embrace the aforementioned children (despite knowing he had at least a few across Canada), his brother, Ricky, took the opposite approach, welcoming them to the family and helping to keep them tied together. "We're all close because of [Ricky]", said Adrian.

With regards to Dwayne, Adrian said: “Dwayne has nothing to do with the decisions that his dad made; he doesn't even know who we are.”


“Dwayne doesn’t owe us anything," added Lisa.

Rocky Johnson passed away on 15 January 2020.

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