The Rock 'n' Roll Express To Make New Japan Pro Wrestling Debut!

Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson will partake in this month's NJPW Fighting Spirit Unleashed Tour.

WWE Hall Of Fame 2017 Rock N Roll Express

With both competitors having made their in-ring debuts over 40 years ago, The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express are to finally make their debut for New Japan Pro Wrestling.

In a shock announcement, New Japan released the below video to reveal that the WWE Hall of Famers will be competing as part of the NJPW Fighting Spirit Unleashed Tour.

Ricky Morton, 62, and Robert Gibson, 61, have toured the globe and competed in pretty much any and all wrestling promotions of note throughout their legendary careers, yet the duo have never set foot in a New Japan ring.

This latest NJPW tour commences on Tuesday, September 17th in Lowell, Massachusetts before taking in New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom on Saturday, September 28th and Philadelphia’s former ECW Arena on Sunday, September 29th.

Matches have yet to be officially announced for the tour, although we do know that The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express will be joined on the cards by Roppongi 3K and Lance Archer.

As a tandem, Morton and Gibson have been teaming together as far back as 1983 – their iconic babyface act winning gold in the likes of the NWA, Mid-Atlantic, Mid-South, Jim Crockett Promotions, USWA, and Smoky Mountain Wrestling.

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