The Rock Responds To Bray Wyatt's Tweet Of Forgiveness

And also manages to plug his new Jumanji movie at the same time.

Bray Wyatt The Rock

For weeks, Bray Wyatt's 'Firefly Fun House' segments had been the best thing about WWE's weekly television programming and fans are chomping at the bit for the Cult Leader's imminent in-ring return.

As a part of his new gimmick, Bray Wyatt has been tweeting out to WWE superstars, forgiving them for burying his previous persona.

Here's one such tweet which Wyatt sent to The Rock a week ago;

The Rock has now responded to Bray's tweet, appreciating the second-generation WWE star for being able to expose his vulnerability. At the same time, The Rock also plugs his new Jumanji movie, which is set to hit the cinemas this Christmas!

Here's the tweet:

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