The Rock Says His Big Trouble In Little China Remake IS Still Happening

Promises he'll take "really good care of it".

The Rock Big Trouble In Little China
20th Century Fox

Despite the fact that he must currently be struggling to find time to actually eat, The Rock - hereby known as the Hardest Working Man In Hollywood - seems to be announcing and confirming upcoming film projects on a daily basis.

Having announced Jumanji and his important role in the foundation of the Robert Ludlum universe, the sometime WWE star has now reiterated that his remake of Big Trouble In Little China is still happening. This comes almost a year after it was initially announced that he was in talks to lead the remake for Fox.

The Rock is set to play Jack Burton - a cocky truck driver who unwittingly ends up locked in a battle with an evil sorcerer - taking over from Kurt Russell from the 1986 original. We can expect modernisation, lots more effects and hopefully the same zany comedy that made the original a classic.


Johnson spoke to Fandango to confirm that the project is still incoming, but that's it's taking time for good reason:

"That's happening, man! That's happening, that's happening. And again, that's one of those things where you gotta take really good care of it."


This comes in light of his comments about the Jumanji remake honouring the spirit of Robin Williams, something he reiterated with Fandango too:

"And with Robin , I get it. That's a big polarizing thing when you make an announcement about Jumanji, so it's important for fans to know that Robin's character is immortalized and untouched. And without giving anything away, there's a cool way that we're going to honor that. I think his family's really gonna like it and be proud."

David Hasselhoff must be delighted his Baywatch baby is in this man's hands.


Are you happy to hear Big Trouble In Little China is being remade? Share your reactions below in the comments thread.

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