The Rock & WWE Making Movie About Paige's Life

The Office co-creator Stephen Merchant to write & direct!

The Rock Paige

In the most random wrestling news of the year so far, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has announced that he will be teaming with WWE Studios and Film 4 to bring a movie about WWE Superstar Paige's life to the big screen.

The movie is based on the Channel 4 UK documentary The Wrestlers: Fighting With My Family, which was released in 2012 and followed Paige's wrestling family as she impressed WWE officials to win an NXT contract.

The Rock is expected to have a cameo in the film which Stephen Merchant (The Office) will write and direct.


The Falling actress Florence Pugh will be playing the role of Paige...

florence pugh
2016 Getty Images

Deadline laid out some details on the plot, which came from the documentary:

"The film follows the story of reformed gangster and former wrestler Ricky, his wife Julia, daughter Saraya and son Zak who make a living performing in tiny venues across the country...Saraya and Zak are about to learn that becoming a WWE Superstar demands more than they ever imagined possible as athletes and siblings. Wrestling has always kept this family together -- but now it could tear them apart."

The Rock originally watched the documentary while he was in London shooting Fast and Furious. He's been trying to put the project together ever since and will now get a chance via his Seven Bucks Production company.

The Rock... Stephen Merchant... Paige's life? Has there been a more unlikely wrestling film ever conceived?


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