The Secret Reason Why AEW Can Beat WWE

Darby Allin

This successful, game-changing mentality courses through the booking framework of All Elite Wrestling. You must recognise what AEW hasn't yet done to predict what will happen when it does. This is key to AEW's eventual TV wars victory.

Beneath Jericho, Jon Moxley and the Elite, demo draws MJF and Darby Allin have emerged as the breakthrough heel and babyface acts of AEW, aiming a diamond ring fist into bad faith accusations that the company relies on "ex-WWE guys". Allin possesses a gripping ability to orchestrate a sense of animosity around his super-dramatic tumbles. MJF, an old school-indebted purist and rich, pompous a**hole, is aghast that a wrestler as reckless and grimy as Allin is even part of the company. Diametrically opposed, they are perfect opponents, and they are rising to the top of AEW cards in deliberate parallel. AEW has resisted what must be a strong urge to programme them together because - looking at those demo ratings - MJF Vs. Darby Allin is a legitimate pay-per-view main event in 2022. AEW books long-term. They think with in an even more far-sighted flair.

MJF and Darby Allin are not even indirectly linked at present. Nor are, for example, Hangman Page and MJF, which is another PPV-worthy headliner. Jon Moxley hasn't worked a programme with Cody. Both have played babyfaces for AEW's duration. Cody Vs. Kenny Omega. The Inner Circle Vs. Team Taz. The Dark Order Vs. The Super Elite. MJF Vs. Eddie Kingston, Christ: AEW even has the greatest promo battles of the modern wrestling landscape in the chamber. Underneath, Miro is finally clicking. FĂ©nix does new, jaw-dropping stuff in every match. The roster is not bloated so much as loaded.

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