The Shield Obviously Won Their Final WWE Match Last Night

Trio beat Baron, Bobby and Drew during Final Chapter.

Shield Final Chapter

Those not wanting to know the score of the most predictable match in recent pro-wrestling history, look away now: The Shield won their "very last, honest" six-man tag on yesterday's WWE Network special The Shield: Final Chapter.

In the show's repeat of Fastlane's main event, the vigilante trio put away the team of Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre after each member hit their finishers in turn, before concluding matters with a patented triple powerbomb. The departing Dean Ambrose tagged in Universal champ Seth Rollins so he could get the pin in his hometown - in a direct contravention of WWE's usually backwards booking. Guess you can do what you like when you're leaving.

After the match, Ambrose took the mic to tell the fans The Shield are an example that anyone - even regular plebs like themselves - can achieve anything, pointing to Iowa's own Seth Rollins as an example. He then paid touching tribute to Roman Reigns, before the show ended with a trademark fist bump as chants of "Thank You, Ambrose!" rang around.


It was perhaps the best promo he's cut in months.

Elsewhere on the special, Intercontinental Champion Finn Bálor easily dispatched Elias, and Bayley and Naomi showed no unfamiliarity in taking out The Riott Squad.


As for Dean, this is finally, finally goodbye. For now, at least.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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