The Shield To Reunite At WWE Fastlane 2019?

A big multi-man tag could be on the cards for 10 March.

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Roman Reigns announced that his leukaemia is in remission during an emotional opening segment on this week's Monday Night Raw, and it looks like the company may already have his next big pay-per-view match lined up.

According to a number of different sources (including the Wrestling Observer), WWE plan on booking the returning 'Big Dog' in a three-on-three bout pitting The Shield against Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, and Drew McIntyre. Per Post Wrestling, this may be expanded to include Braun Strowman and Elias.

Such a booking makes sense given the events of Raw. Dean Ambrose was faced with a four-on-one beatdown when Reigns and Seth Rollins emerged from the back, fighting the heels off. The trio stopped short of embracing or fully reuniting, but the way Dean and his former "brothers" locked eyes as the segment closed suggests something big is afoot.


Reigns' WrestleMania 35 options remain up in the air. WrestleVotes claim that WWE currently have "multiple options on the table," though nothing is certain. A singles bout against one of his Fastlane opponents may fit the bill, or a tag involving Ambrose, but this is all speculation.

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