The Shocking Reason Why WWE Didn't Want To Sign Sting

Vince McMahon already felt that WWE had a certain someone who could 'do Sting'.

Ultimate Warrior

Yes, that's The Ultimate Warrior. No, his angry-faced pic isn't a mistake.

Bruce Prichard has revealed some fresh details, via his 'Something To Wrestle With' podcast, about the time WWE almost signed Sting back in 1988. According to Bruce, Vince McMahon wasn't all that interested. Did the Stinger want too much money? Did the terms of his WCW contract prove troublesome? No and no.

McMahon was frosty on signing Sting because he viewed him as almost identical to Warrior.


The pair had come up together as a tag-team before going their separate ways, but both retained their face-painted look as singles stars. To Vince, that meant he'd only be bringing in a Warrior duplicate if he thrashed out a deal with Sting.



Obviously, Sting was a much better in-ring worker than Warrior ever was. That's not a knock - it's just the truth. Warrior had great presence and bags of star power, but he was very limited bell-to-bell. Meanwhile, Sting banged out crackers against Ric Flair in his sleep.

Prichard also said that there was some natural hesitancy on Sting's side too. He was comfortable in WCW at the time.

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