The Spirit Squad Officially Removed From WWE SmackDown Roster

Four months later, Kenny & Mikey's comeback is finally over.

Kenny Mikey Spirit Squad

Mikey and Kenny of the Spirit Squad made a surprise return to WWE as part of The Miz's feud with Dolph Ziggler feud last year. Brought in to torment Ziggler, who was a member of the Squad during their original run, but the duo were on television for just a few weeks before disappearing.

The Spirit Squad's last appearance came in a 16-man tag team match on the November 15th episode of SmackDown. Teaming with The Ascension, Headbangers, and Vaudevillains, they lost to Breezango, American Alpha, The Usos, and Hype Bros that night, and it doesn't look like they'll be returning anytime soon.

Kenny and Mikey have both been removed from the SmackDown roster on as of today, and their profiles are now available on the Alumni page. This shouldn't come as a huge surprise given their long absence from TV, and the fact that the duo have been working independent dates as the Spirit Squad since last November.


There was talk of WWE signing both men to full-time contracts following their comeback, but this obviously didn't materialise. Kenny & Mikey continue on the indie circuit together, with their next appearance coming in the UK this Friday:-

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