The True Story Behind ECW's 'Mass Transit' Incident

Paul Heyman's ECW vision came crashing down around him thanks to 'Mass Transit'...

Paul Heyman New Jack

Paul Heyman's ECW project broadened horizons for many pro wrestling fans in the mid-to-late-1990s.

It was unapologetically in-your-face, and the promotion's "mad scientist" (which Heyman was affectionately titled) became a master at accentuating wrestler strengths whilst hiding their most glaring of weaknesses. This was achieved by cleverly crafting music video-esque highlight packages that made his army of misfits look like they were set to take over the world.

One of Heyman's most violent stars was New Jack. His aura felt real, and he'd believably beat the snot out of any poor sod with anything he could get his hands on as Dr. Dre and Ice Cube's 'Natural Born Killaz' blared in the background. It was almost hypnotising to watch Jack in action, but there was always that sense that he might go a little too far.

That was part of his appeal.

ECW's magical bond with its audience, and Heyman's roster of fired-up and hungry workers, meant everyone constantly tried to push the envelope. On 23 November 1996, on an otherwise nondescript house show in Revere, Massachusetts, both Jack and ECW as a whole burned themselves into the history books forever.

It was never supposed to happen, at least not like this...

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