The Ultimate Hardy Boyz Quiz - You'll Never Get 100%!

Are you a Hardy Boyz superfan? Prove your knowledge on one of the best Tag Teams in WWE history!

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In the late 90s, the WWF received a high-octane shot of adrenaline with the emergence of a stellar, death-defying Tag Team division. The likes of Edge and Christian, the Dudley Boyz and more put their bodies on the line in dangerous, weapon-fueled, high-stakes affairs that put the division on the map and made their bouts unmissable. However, none would be possible without the introduction of the Hardy Boyz.

Matt and Jeff Hardy spent the early parts of their careers answering the question of "can they jump off of there?" with a resounding crashing sound. After their split, Jeff found success as a daredevil underdog, becoming one of the most over superstars in the world of wrestling by the late 2000s. Meanwhile, Matt used the opportunity to constantly reinvent himself and make his superfans cry out at how underrated the elder Hardy was. Gimmicks like V1, The Man Who Will Not Die and most recently Broken Matt set the wrestling world alight with compelling characters still celebrated to this day.

With such an effect on the world of wrestling, its safe to say there is a lot to know about the Hardy Boyz. But how much do you remember. Swanton yourself through this quiz and hope there isn't a Twist of Fate with the answers at the end...

1. What Is The Age Difference Between The Hardys?

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