The Undertaker: 10 Best WWE Stories From Shoot Interviews

10. Getting The Stomach Pumped In The Afternoon And Wrestling At Night

Jake the Snake Roberts describes his first ever meeting with Mark Calaway as one that centred around strip clubs and alcohol consumption. "I love your work but I hear you know the greatest strip clubs in the world and I want to ride with you," Taker apparently said to Jake. The grizzled and heavy drinking Snake didn't believe Taker would last a week travelling with him, but took him under his wing anyway. Just a week later and Taker was having his stomach pumped in the afternoon and wrestling on the evening as if nothing had ever happened. According to Jake it was as if Calaway didn't even need to wear the Undertaker make-up any more given how whited out his face was from drinking. In some ways this was pretty normal behaviour for a wrestler in the industry back then. Large amounts of alcoholism was just a way to bond with 'the boys' and strippers were the cool thing to do back then on the road.
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