The Undertaker Calls Current WWE Star 'New Andre The Giant'

WWE legend The Undertaker thinks this Raw man is the next coming of Andre The Giant.

Omos AJ Styles

The Undertaker has called current WWE Raw star Omos "as close as we've come" to seeing a new incarnation of Andre The Giant.

'Taker told WWE's 'The Bump' that he's impressed by the big man, and that he enjoys what Omos has been doing alongside AJ Styles since debuting in that role last year. The legend did acknowledge that his words are strong; he called his compliments "a big statement", but he also thinks they're deserved.

Rather predictably, Omos was blown away by this praise.


WWE's new monster took to Twitter and said he was "lost for words". All he could add was that he's "just grateful" before then going on to thank The Undertaker for taking the time out to give feedback.

Obviously, Omos realistically has a long way to go before he comes close to matching Andre's achievements. The Giant was one of the best big men in wrestling during his prime, and he went on to trade his friendly routine to headline WrestleMania III opposite Hulk Hogan as a hated heel.


'Taker believes that Omos is closer to becoming the next Andre than other giants before him like Big Show or Giant Gonzalez. Ahem.


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