The Undertaker Making Possible Cameo At WWE's Royal Rumble 2022?

Recent reports say The Undertaker will be in town for WWE's Royal Rumble.

The Undertaker

PWInsider Elite is reporting that The Undertaker will be in attendance for Saturday's Royal Rumble show in St. Louis.

The legend isn't advertised to appear, but site sources say that "anything is possible". Basically, could 'Taker make a surprise cameo appearance in the Rumble match itself? If so, that'd be the 56-year old's first bout since beating AJ Styles in the excellent 'Boneyard' brawl back at WrestleMania 36 in 2020.

A chokeslam or two would go down well with the live crowd, but WWE would obviously have to book an elimination spot - 'Taker's showing probably wouldn't last longer than a few minutes either, which might irk his longtime fans.


People would also be expecting WrestleMania revenge on whomever tossed 'The Deadman' out, but that probs isn't on the cards for WWE. The Undertaker's best days are very much behind him, and there's been no reports that he's training for a comeback this spring.

Of course, it is possible that 'Taker is only in town to film some stuff for WWE Network/Peacock. His wife, Michelle McCool, is in the women's Rumble too. Maybe the icon just wants to watch her comeback?

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