The Undertaker Reveals REAL Reason Wrestler Joined Major WWE Stable

You won't believe why The Undertaker wanted THIS guy in his WWE faction.

Undetaker Viscera Big Show

The Undertaker has teased that Viscera only joined The Ministry Of Darkness in 1999 so 'The Deadman' himself "didn’t have to work with him". 'Taker told this story via a special Q&A on his YouTube channel. Yep, some people are still coming to terms with the fact that The Undertaker is a YouTuber!

'Taker was being lighthearted when he made the comment, but there's probably some truth to is. As Mabel, Viscera had earned a reputation for himself as one of the clumsiest wrestlers in the industry - he hurt top stars like Diesel and The Undertaker during big matches in 1995, and Vince McMahon was reportedly close to firing him before Kevin Nash stepped in.


At one point, the future Viscera landed on 'Taker's face and broke his orbital bone. That's why the legend had to wear a protective mask in the mid-90s.

The Undertaker obviously didn't want anymore of that, so keeping Viscera close at hand as an on screen ally ensured he wouldn't have to wrestle him. That', but it's unclear whether or not 'Taker is only ribbing by pointing to injuries as the sole reason for 'Big Vis' joining his faction.

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