The Undertaker Shows Support For Premier League Team In Bizarre Tweet

Is The Phenom a football fanatic?

The Undertaker Leicester City
Twitter, @LCFC

Social media has become a cornerstone of life in recent years. Because of people's ability to share whatever they want whenever they want, the world has been treated to huge and sometimes surprising insights from celebrity figures. Although this rings true for all social media platforms, perhaps Twitter is most commonly known for giving us otherwise unseen glimpses into celebrities lives.

Two seemingly polar opposite worlds collided on Monday, as wrestling legend The Undertaker expressed his support for English Premier League side, Leicester City. This bizarre tweet happened after Leicester City announced the signing of AS Roma forward, Cengiz Under, on a one-year loan deal.

Leicester announced the signing by tweeting a picture of the Undertaker's iconic hat and trenchcoat laying on the King Power Stadium pitch.


The Leicester City social media staff must have had a mild heart attack however when they saw the Deadman himself re-tweeting the image a few hours later with the caption 'digging holes and scoring goals'. The Undertaker is a notorious figure in wrestling and even in this age of technology, he is renowned for upholding his character away from the ring. This is what makes the tweet so bizarre, and is made even more strange when you realise non-wrestling tweets from the Deadman are like goldust (the rare object not the face-painted wrestler).

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