The Undertaker SNAPPED Backstage At This WWE Star

WWE legend The Undertaker admits he "lost it" at this clumsy wrestler.

Giant Gonzalez Undertaker

The Undertaker has lifted the lid on the time he "lost it" backstage at Giant Gonzalez. No, it didn't happen at WrestleMania IX or during their other pay-per-view clash at SummerSlam 1993. It was actually on the road (the WWF subjected 'Taker to a tour of torture against the clumsy big man).

'Taker told fans via his 'Six Feet Under' show that Gonzalez repeatedly thumped him right on the back of the neck with forearm smashes during their matches. That annoyed 'The Deadman', but he tried to be patient with Gonzalez and explain to him behind the curtain that hitting him "between the shoulder blades" would minimise pain/damage.


This simple request was ignored.

Eventually, The Undertaker had enough of being patient. He "snapped" at Gonzalez following one house show match. Incredibly, this was the first of two matches 'Taker and the Giant were having that day - they'd been on a matinee card, then had an evening show booked for later.


That second bout nearly didn't make the ring. A hungover Undertaker chewed Gonzalez out backstage earlier in the day, and had to be held back by others in the locker room. Today, 'Taker admits he "felt bad" about the incident, but he was sick and tired of being thumped every day/night.

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