The Undertaker Was "Disappointed" By This WWE Performance

WWE legend The Undertaker didn't think he did the best job possible, but when?

The Undertaker 2022

The Undertaker was left feeling "disappointed" with his performances at some one-man stand-up shows during Survivor Series season last year.

WWE legend 'Taker told Sports Illustrated that he lost some sleep afterwards when thinking about the shows, because he wanted people to be "blown away" and doesn't think he achieved that. The 'Deadman' is particularly aware that his restrictive character meant he couldn't converse with fans the same way some other wrestlers did during his prime.

So, he wants to make up for lost time by "trying to give people the layers and stages of my life that brought me to where I am now". In short, 'Taker just wanted his live shows to be better than they were, and he's determined to improve in time for upcoming dates in and around WrestleMania season.


In a fascinating moment, the icon called himself "a greenhorn again", and likened speaking freely out of character to learning how to play his iconic character back in the early-1990s.

'Taker recently popped back up on WWE TV for a segment with LA Knight and Bray Wyatt on Raw Is XXX.

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