The Undertaker's 10 Greatest WWE Mind Games

Only the legendary Undertaker could mess with people’s mind like this.

There are many things that have helped make The Undertaker the most unique and memorable character in WWE history, but one of the most important has been his use of mind games. More than any other character to ever step foot in a WWE ring, The Undertaker has demanded that both the audience and his fellow performers suspend their disbelief in order to really sell the €˜supernatural€™ phenomena he was creating with his €˜powers€™. For more or less twenty five years, The Undertaker has been using these mind games to get under his opponent€™s skin and gain a psychological advantage. These have amplified his mythos. 'Taker has been portrayed as a zombie that€™s impervious to pain. He has been shown to have some sort of connection with the Devil and the underworld. He has been able to manipulate fire, smoke/fog, lightning, and electronic objects. And he has shown that he can €˜appear out of nowhere€™ whenever that famous €˜gong€™ is sounded. While these things are patently fake and solely for show, they have been among the most entertaining things in WWE for many years...

10. Magical Floating Wrestling Rings The Undertaker has long been presumed to be some kind of demigod possessing the ability to manipulate the world around him. These creative mind games allowed for him to get into his opponent€™s heads very easily, to the point where the commentators would suggest that The Undertaker had already won the battle. A good example of this was when The Undertaker made the RAW ring €˜levitate€™ on the WrestleMania XX go-home show. The idea behind this concept was that The Undertaker could get in Kane€™s mind without even being physically present, and it worked to perfection. The idea that The Undertaker could manipulate the wrestling ring itself had the effect of breaking Kane€™s focus and getting him off his game for their impending 'Mania showdown. It was moments like this that really highlighted why so many people had fallen in love with wrestling in the first place. Sure, it was hokey, but in terms of storytelling and character development it was spot-on. The way Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler sold what was happening also did wonders, making the segment even more effective.


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