The Undertaker's New WWE Contract Expires 2034

It's going to be one seriously long 'Last Ride'.

The Undertaker Workout
WWE Network

WWE icon The Undertaker reportedly signed a 15 year 'big money' deal in 2019, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The Undertaker was pretty much made a WWE 'lifer' due to the contract he signed in the early stages of last year. This deal was reportedly made after Vince McMahon reacted angrily to non-WWE dates that Mark Calaway was booking after his last contract expired. It then came to light that the latest contract would include an agreement which meant that 'Taker couldn't work those non-WWE commitments.

His latest bumper deal with the company means that 'The Phenom' will be nearly 70 when it expires in 2034, taking him up to a whopping 44 years under the WWE banner.


WWE recently released the first episode of 'The Last Ride' documentary series on the WWE Network, which highlights 'Taker's struggles in the later stages of his career and shows rare glimpses of his storied backstage presence.

A rematch against AJ Styles has been rumoured to be next for the legend and it was even teased at the recent Money in the Bank PPV, but there's no real word on when his next in-ring WWE appearance will be.

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