The Usos Break Big WWE Record At Elimination Chamber 2019

Jimmy and Jey defeated Shane McMahon and The Miz last night.

The Usos Tag Titles

Shane McMahon and The Miz fell in the first defence of their WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships last night, losing to The Usos in a 14-minute bout at Elimination Chamber 2019.

In doing so, the tenured duo took sole ownership of a record they'd previously co-held with The New Day, as they became the first tandem to become four-time SmackDown Tag Team Champions since the belts were unveiled soon after the 2016 WWE Draft.

The New Day remain on three reigns. No other tandem has held the belts more than once, and McMahon and The Miz's 21-dayer is the shortest in the championship's two-and-a-half year history.

Though it often feels like The Usos are shunted out of the spotlight, the numbers show this isn't the case. They have held the belts for 330 cumulative days. The New Day have spent just 110 as champions. This means that Jimmy and Jey have been on top for 37% of the 890 days that the belts have existed, making them SmackDown's most dominant tag team since the new brand split kicked in.

Not bad, considering Jimmy was arrested for confronting a police officer just a few days prior...

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