The Usos Make "Rated R" Paige Reference During WWE SmackDown Rap Battle

Did The Usos go off script on last night's show?

New Day Usos Rap Battle

Last night's WWE SmackDown largely revolved around John Cena's first WWE appearance since WrestleMania 33, the Independence Day Battle Royal main event, and the fallout from Carmella's latest Money In The Bank victory. These weren't the night's only talking points, however, and the show also staged a rap battle between Tag Team Champions The Usos, and The New Day, who they'll face at Battleground.

Hosted by rapper Wale, the segment saw the two teams trading verbal barbs back and forth. The New Day were declared the winners, but it was The Usos who dropped the segment's most notable line with a direct reference to Paige's recent private video leaks:-

"Let's just keep it PG, you know what's good... don't get all Rated R like ya boy Xavier Woods."

A risque line for WWE's scripted, PG environment, but it's entirely possible that it wasn't approved beforehand, as WWE cut it from their YouTube video of the segment. The edit was made at around the 1:30 mark on the clip below:-


No further comment has been made on the line, but The Usos did tweet the following after SmackDown:-


We may never know if Jimmy and Jey went off script or not, but WWE clearly weren't happy about it, hence the edit.

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