The Usos WWE Return Coming Soon

Talented tag team are back in action.

The Usos are set for a WWE return in the near future, PWInsider are reporting. They have been working out in the Performance Center in preparation for the big comeback to television. It is expected that they'll feud with The New Day, which is perhaps why the decision was made not to put the Tag Titles on The Dudley Boyz at Hell In A Cell. There's little doubt that Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso are the best tag team in WWE, so it is going to be a fantastic to have them back on the main roster. They're valuable players, not only are they great in-ring workers, but they also sell significant levels of merchandise. WWE will be glad to have them back, and you'd expect another Tag Title win before long. Jey Uso has been out of action with a shoulder injury since the spring, that's been the big cause of all the time missed. Now that he's back training in the Performance Center, it is a chance for him just to work out that little bit of ring rust that may have gathered. With the return being in the near future, it could even be that they get added to the card at Survivor Series.
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