The Young Bucks Bury Matt Hardy In #FreeTheDelete Finale

In the literal sense of the word.

Matt Hardy Compound

WWE“Bucks of Youth, I knew you’d come.”

Those were the words we heard towards the close of last week’s episode of Matt Hardy’s #FreeTheDelete series. And now, today’s #FreeTheDelete finale has progressed this whole story a little further – to the point where Nick and Matt Jackson quite literally bury Matt Hardy.

With no Triple H or political shovel in sight, this final chapter of Hardy’s YouTube series saw the Broken One pleading with The Young Bucks to bury him so that he could be reborn. After getting themselves warmed up with a superkick or two, the Bucks finally gave in to Matt’s request and promptly put him in the ground.


You can find the full video of all of this below.


It’s no secret that Matt Hardy is now a free agent, and the future of this nailed-on Hall of Famer is one of the biggest talking points of the wrestling world right now.

Hardy may not be the in-ring worker he once was, but Matt still has so much to offer the wrestling business – whether that’s inside or outside of the ring.


Many wrestling fans believe that Hardy will ultimately end up signing for All Elite Wrestling, with some even pegging him as The Dark Order’s Exalted One. As for this #FreeTheDelete finale, this will surely serve to only further amp up the speculation that he will soon be turning up in an AEW ring.

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