The Young Bucks Want AEW Trios Titles

Could AEW finally be about to debut the much-rumoured Trios Championships?

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Could AEW finally be getting set to introduce Trios Titles? Well, if the Young Bucks get their way, seemingly so.

Following the SuperKliq trio of Adam Cole and the Bucks besting Christian Cage and Jurassic Express at AEW Rampage: Grand Slam, those pesky Young Bucks updated their Twitter bio to state, "Give us the Trios Titles. #SuperKliq".

SuperKliq Young Bucks Adam Cole AEW Trios Titles
Twitter @youngbucks

Of course, Matt and Nick Jackson are two of the EVPs of AEW, so if they want Trios Championships, chances are we'll get Trios Championships. The pair's Twitter page is obviously demanding such belts in a kayfabe sense to fit the on-screen characters of the Bucks, but it does appear more and more likely that AEW will debut Trios Titles sooner rather than later.


It feels like Trios Championships have been rumoured pretty much since AEW first formed, with Tony Khan's promotion brimming with triumvirates who could make such titles a sensible idea. In addition to the recently-reformed SuperKliq, there's the aforementioned Jurassic Express, there's Death Triangle, there's Best Friends, there's Team Taz, there's Dark Order, there's the Hardy Family Office, there's the Nightmare Family, there's the goddamn Wingmen(!), and there's also the prospect of plucking three talents from each of the Inner Circle and the Pinnacle.

The point being, if AEW were to introduce Trios Titles, there'd be plenty of three-men teams in contention to battle for these belts.

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