These 2 WWE Stars ALMOST Joined Evolution

You won't believe who Vince McMahon almost put alongside Triple H and Ric Flair.

John Cena Christian

John Cena and Christian were almost members of Evolution back in 2002.

Ex-WWE head writer Brian Gewirtz, who has a book coming out this week, revealed this incredible story during an appearance on 'The Kurt Angle Show'. According to Bri, Cena was considered during a meeting with then-boss Vince McMahon, but McMahon decided that the newcomer wasn't a great fit for the group.

For reference, this was when Triple H, Ric Flair, Randy Orton and Batista had already been established as core members of the fledgling faction. Famously, former WCW man Mark Jindrak had been in the stable's prototype before Batista ousted him.


Cena or Christian would've been a complement to that quartet.

Christian is actually somebody that Gewirtz pitched for pretty much everything, which probably worked against the Canadian sometimes. Vince didn't like the thought of putting him in Evolution either, and the creative team decided that a four-man approach was better than five.


Cena went on to develop his rapping gimmick, and Christian settled into the midcard as a heel. Imagine how different things could've been had JC (in particular) been cast alongside Trips, Flair, Randy and big Dave.

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