These "Special" WWE Stars Have Brought Sheamus' Passion Back

WWE veteran Sheamus is currently in the form of his life on SmackDown.

Sheamus lads

WWE veteran Sheamus is currently in some of the best form of his career, having hit new levels of critical acclaim through his in-ring rivalry with GUNTHER - though he credits allies The Brawling Brutes with "revitalising" him.

Sheamus and stablemates Butch and Ridge Holland were guests on The Ringer Wrestling Show following Extreme Rules 2022 (8 October), where they defeated Imperium (GUNTHER, Ludwig Kaiser, and Giovanni Vinci). After over 13 years on WWE's main roster, Sheamus claims that Butch and Holland have "brought my passion back to level 10", adding that working with them is "special."

Said the former WWE Champion (h/t

"I've been here for over 13 and a half years on the main roster, and these two boys, these two lads, have completely reinvigorated me in this business and really brought my passion back to level 10. Like, I can't tell you how special it is to be in there with them. Both of them are hungry, both of them are passionate, and we all push each other and we look out for each other. That's a group. We're a group. We're the Brawling Brutes. That's it. It's Sheamus, Ridge, and Butch. That's it.”

The Brawling Brutes have been together on SmackDown since the 11 March 2022 episode of SmackDown, when Holland and Butch were called up to the main roster, the latter rebranding from his original ring name, Pete Dunne, in the process. Extreme Rules' Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook bout was their second six-man tag against Imperium in 2022, with the two sides now at 1-1.

Continuing, Sheamus told The Ringer that he believes the Brutes' lack of ego and work ethic is why they are getting over with the crowd at the moment:-

“We're three boys, three mates, who will bleed and die for each other out there and that's what's special. That's why the crowd I feel right now are really gravitating towards the three of us because there is no ego. We're all in there together. We're in there for the group and we live and die by the group. When we go out there, we all put our bodies on the line. We go through a war because we know that's what we need to do. We want to give everyone out there their money's worth. Anything less from us just doesn't cut it.”

A former WWE, World Heavyweight, United States, and Tag Team Title-holder, Sheamus is currently one Intercontinental Championship reign away from becoming a Grand Slam Champion in WWE. The Irishman has now lost twice to current IC kingpin GUNTHER, though their dirty finish on last week's SmackDown suggests the duo could complete their trilogy before 2022 ends.

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