These WWE NXT Stars Have Started Dating

Two of WWE's brightest prospects on NXT have started dating behind the scenes.

Cora Jade Bron Breakker

WWE stars Cora Jade and Bron Breakker have started dating.

The loved up NXT pair recently posted a picture of them out and about together at a golf course. Cora posted that particular pic on her official Instagram page, and described Bron as "the love of my life". Their romance has apparently been blossoming for a while too, because Breakker also shared a snap on his page last month.

Both workers are promising prospects for a WWE main roster call up from NXT next year. In fact, two-time NXT Champion Breakker has probably already been considered multiple times. It might be wise to give Bron some more seasoning in development before promoting him though - it'd also be cool if Triple H had a concrete plan for him so he doesn't get lost in the shuffle quickly.


The exact same could probably be said about Cora. She's a former NXT Women's Tag-Team Champ, but the 21 year old's best days are definitely ahead of her.

Good luck to the happy couple. Also, look out for 'Golfing With Bron Breakker' on the WWE Network/Peacock soon. Maybe/maybe not!

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