This AEW Wrestler Wants To Be On Dancing With The Stars

A current AEW champion fancies taking a crack at Dancing With The Stars.

Britt Baker

Britt Baker would love to nab a spot on Dancing With The Stars.

The reigning AEW Women's Champion called the broadcast her "favourite talent show" during an appearance on 'Barstool Wrasslin'. Baker, who is typically brash and outspoken in interviews these days, said that she hasn't contacted the program's producers yet, but is "manifesting" a gig before doing so.

Watch this space then.


Other wrestlers, like Chris Jericho, The Miz, Stacy Keibler and Nikki Bella, have all competed on various seasons of Dancing With The Stars. The most recent, Miz, earned WWE a ton of mainstream press for his role on the show. Maybe that's something Britt would like to do for Tony Khan and All Elite?

Baker says she plans to become the first ever woman to hold a wrestling championship and the Mirrorball Trophy at the same time. If that happened, then AEW would have to green light the Women's Title being off TV (at least AEW TV) for a spell whilst she trained and then worked the dancing competition.


Perhaps Adam Cole is a budding ballroom dancer himself? AEW's power couple on ABC - don't rule it out.

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