This Current WWE Storyline Was Supposed To Happen THREE YEARS Ago

A current WWE star says he was supposed to get the ball rolling years ago, but plans changed.

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Finn Bálor has revealed that him turning heel to lead a top faction was supposed to happen three years ago.

The Irishman told BT Sport's crew that he had designs on doing something similar to Judgment Day on NXT. Then, the COVID pandemic changed everything - crowds disappeared from WWE events, and everybody in the company had to adapt to new circumstances.

Without audiences there to react, Bàlor's big plan was put on ice. Things didn't fall back into place for him until Edge started JD and Finn was opportunistically appointed as his successor. Since then, the stable has gone from strength to strength with him at the helm, which was previously unthinkable due to Edge's stature.


Here's the thing: Bálor being the focal point of a heel group was something WWE's creative team had pencilled in for his 2020 on NXT. They put a question mark next to that booking due to the lack of live crowds, but Finn was always hopeful he'd get this chance down the road.

Let's just say things worked out for everyone involved. Judgment Day is currently one of the company's best acts.

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