This Ex-WWE Star Was "Livid" With Her WCW Salary

This WWE Hall Of Famer didn't take home a lot of cash during the WCW days.

Alundra Blayze

Former WWE star and company Hall Of Famer Alundra 'Madusa' Blayze has admitted she was left "livid" by the kind of money she was taking home under Eric Bischoff in WCW.

Madusa told ITR that she was pulling in $75,000 during the height of her career with the now-defunct promotion. That contrasted vividly to the sky-high numbers others were making, including pretty much everybody affiliated with the nWo.


The legend reckons Bischoff was far too busy with New World Order business (and taking care of everybody involved in it) to look at contracts for other folks on the roster - she'd include herself in that conversation, and said she was lucky to take home $20,000 after taxes/expenses.

Madusa infamously jumped from the then-WWF to WCW in 1995 and dumped the WWF Women's Title in the trash on one episode of Monday Nitro. That was roundly considered to be one of the most shocking moments of the "Monday Night Wars" between both groups.


She doesn't think she was fairly compensated for any of her work in WCW though. That 75k didn't cut it, especially once Madusa realised what others were making for doing less.


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