This Female Wrestler Asked TNA For "1/10th" Of Kurt Angle's Salary

A former TNA star wanted more money after viewing ratings for her segments.

Awesome Kong TNA

Former WWE, TNA and AEW star Awesome Kong once asked Impact Wrestling for "1/10th" of the money Kurt Angle was making.

Kong told Chris Van Vliet's 'Insight' show that it didn't exactly sit well when she noticed ratings for her matches/segments with Gail Kim - the numbers were high, and the revolutionary female worker believed she was due a bit more cash because of that.

One day, Kong marched into management's offices with a plan. She was going to ask for a fraction of what top male stars like Angle were raking in, and dared TNA officials to "look in my eye and tell me that I'm not worth 1/10th of Kurt Angle".


Incredibly, the general attitude in the office was that most workers had nowhere else to go if they left the company; "I can’t remember word for word, but it was along the lines of if you quit, then don’t think that you will be on Raw on Monday because they ain’t interested".



Of course, Kong did make it to WWE, but the constant battles over money in TNA left a sour taste in her mouth for a long time.


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