THIS Hall Of Famer Turned Down WWE Producer Role

"Vince has offered me a position in the past.

Bully Ray Bubba Ray Dudley

With many wrestlers taking up backstage roles with WWE as their in-ring careers start to wind down, Bully Ray has revealed how he turned down an offer to serve as a producer for Vince McMahon's promotion.

Speaking on the Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw podcast, Bully detailed how Vince himself offered him a role as a producer, and the WWE Hall of Famer also explained why he turned the gig down.

As the nine-time WWE Tag Team Champion put it:

"Vince has offered me a position in the past. He told me, 'When you're read, I would love to have you here as a producer'. I don't think the job is the same job it used to be when you [Brisco] were a producer or agent. I believe the producers and agents now just carry the marching orders of creative to the boys, and I don't think the boys have as much input into things these days. I do consider myself creative, and if I don't feel like that creativity can be put to work for the guys and gals putting their matches together, I kind of feel stiffed. I would try it one day. It seems different than when you and Pat [Patterson], Jack [Lanza], Michael [Hayes] and the agents that I grew up on and worked with."

It sounds like the former Bubba Ray Dudley is open to trying his hand at working behind the scenes at some point, but clearly that "some point" isn't now or anytime in the immediate future.

Having initially announced his in-ring retirement in February 2018, Bully Ray came out of that retirement just a few months later after turning heel and attacking Cheeseburger in Ring of Honor. After over 18 months out of action - because, y'know, global pandemic - Bully returned to the ring just last month, teaming with Rob Van Dam to defeat Matt Hardy and Marq Quen for Battleground Championship Wrestling.


Of course, these days Bully can usually be found as one of the co-hosts of Busted Open Radio a couple of times a week.

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