THIS IMPACT Wrestling Star Will Soon Be A Free Agent

Another name could be departing IMPACT Wrestling as early as February.

Jake Something
IMPACT Wrestling

Jake Something is soon to be a free agent, reports Fightful Select.

The report indicates that 28 February will be the end of Jake's deal with IMPACT Wrestling, though it wasn't made clear whether that will be his last day working, or if that is when his contract is due for renewal. Additionally, a "brief discussion" was held between Jake and IMPACT management, though no extended talks have taken place.

There are many names on the current IMPACT roster working without an exclusive contract, the most notable known name being Mickie James, the current Knockouts World Champion. James is reportedly not signed to a full-time deal with the Anthem-helmed promotion, which is partially the reason why she's eligible to enter the women's Royal Rumble match on 29 January.


Initially debuting with IMPACT under the alias of Jake Holmes in March 2017, he soon became Cousin Jake, teaming alongside Cody Deaner in the aptly-named Deaners tag team. Following the duo's separation in December 2020, however, Jake has struggled to land on his feet, suffering losses to the likes of Moose, JONAH, Mike Bailey, and W. Morrissey.

Should Jake leave, he'll become the latest IMPACT name to do so, following the likes of Rohit Raju, Brandi Lauren, and Acey Romero all leaving, too.


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