This New Star Will FINALLY Debut On Next Week's WWE SmackDown

SmackDown's women better watch out; WWE set to debut a brand new star.

Xia Li WWE SmackDown

Xia Li will finally make her WWE main roster debut on next week's edition of SmackDown.

The company ran yet another hype vignette for the ex-NXT star on Friday's episode. They appear to be going with a vigilante-style 'defender of the oppressed' character for Li, which could be interesting if handled correctly. Of course, WWE's track record for successfully-introducing NXT stars to the top shows is sketchy at best.

Fingers crossed for Xia then.


There's no word yet on who Li will be wrestling on the broadcast. WWE has several options open to them here; Xia could instantly work her way into contention for a shot at Charlotte Flair's SmackDown Women's Title. Or, she could become part of the ongoing Sonya Deville vs. Naomi story (everybody else is!).

Or, maybe WWE would prefer Li to do her own thing and start out on SmackDown by squashing a few local jobbers.


Xia had been wrestling a few dark matches since trading NXT for FOX, but she hasn't worked in-ring since beating Aliyah before the 15 October episode went live. That means it's been almost two months since she actually worked a match.

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