This Week in WWE: AJ Lee Rattles Big Red Machine With A Look

Here is a look at the best and some of the worse stuff from the past week in WWE.

Superstar of the week: AJ The Diva's captivating theatrical expressions helped to add further intrigue to pretty much the only interesting storyline in the company at the moment involving herself CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Kane. Prior to this week's Raw the assumption was that AJ was being secretly recruited by Daniel Bryan to entice and then betray CM Punk by helping to cheat him out of his WWE title further down the road. A spanner was thrown into the works during this week's development however when the diminutive Diva managed to fend off a likely Kane assault by transforming the scared look on her face into one of sex fuelled, smiley admiration. Kane's magnificent reaction, caught somewhere between confusion and blissful happiness only helped to layer this curious love square with more ambiguity and drama and AJ's magnificent acting effectively raised questions as to her state of mind. It has made people wonder as to whether or not she is still in love with Daniel Bryan and playing mind games with his two rivals, or if she has fallen for CM Punk by mistake and is now defending him in the same manner or if in the heat of the moment she actually did find herself attracted to Kane's twisted persona and wasn't just trying to save herself from his grip. With a bubbly blonde figure like Kelly Kelly this segment never would have worked but because AJ is a more unusual beauty and because her character is still an unknown quantity, there is an exciting element of unpredictability unravelling in this well written and superbly performed piece of drama. Honourable Mention: Dolph Ziggler, who once again let his wrestling do the talking in two good matches with Sheamus on Raw and Christian on Smackdown.


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