THIS Wrestling Promotion Reached Out To CM Punk In 2020

A company that ISN'T WWE or AEW tried to pull the mother of all coups off last year...


Ring of Honor attempted to pull off what would comfortably have been the biggest coup in company history last year.

Per Fightful Select, the group inquired about sending feelers to CM Punk in January 2020. Specifically, Marty Scurll was involved in this, having signed a big-money ROH contract granting him a significant degree of creative control that same month.

The report states that while the talks didn't work out, ROH's feeling was that opponents and creative plans were of more importance to Punk than money.


Punk has been linked with a pro wrestling return countless times since his WWE departure in 2014. The discussion has never been as prominent as it has been this week, however, with Fightful confirming that the former Voice of the Voiceless is in talks over an in-ring comeback.

Returning to Ring of Honor would have been hugely sentimental for both Punk and the company. The Chicagoan first broke out in the Sinclair-helmed company in the mid-2000s, doing so through acclaimed feuds with Raven, Samoa Joe, the Briscoe Brothers, and more, before eventually leaving after signing a WWE developmental contract in 2005.

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