THIS WWE Hall Of Famer Apologises To The Rock For 2002 Behaviour

"Sorry I was such a d**k to you."

Kevin Nash The Rock @TheRock

Taking to Twitter, Kevin Nash has apologised to The Rock for being a "d**k" to him during Big Sexy's WWE return in 2002.

Ahead of an appearance at Indiana Comic Con, Nash shouted at The Rock for his footwear, which caused The Great One to respond and praise Big Kev for the ridiculous shape he's in. From there, the nWo founder gave props to Rocky for his own work ethic and apologised for his 2002 behaviour.

The love-in didn't stop there, with The Rock talking about how pumped he was to have Nash, Scott Hall and Hulk Hogan return to Vince McMahon's sports entertainment giant in '02 ahead of WrestleMania X8. At that edition of the Showcase of the Immortals, Rock famously battled Hogan, whilst Nash was in Hall's corner as the former Razor Ramon took on Steve Austin.


Just two good dudes being good dudes and appreciating each other. In a world where so often shots are taken and grudges linger long, it's nice to see two veterans of the business sharing some kind words with one another.

In terms of match-ups, The Rock and Kevin Nash were involved in five matches together before and after 'Mania X8, although four of those were tag bouts. Their one singles contest took place on the 19 March 2002 SmackDown, where The People's Champ picked up the DQ victory.

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