This WWE Hall Of Famer Is Preparing For An In-Ring Comeback

Hall Of Famer says he'd love to wrestle in WWE, but wouldn't rule out AEW or anywhere else.

Sean Waltman

WWE Hall Of Famer and all-round "wrestling guy" (his words) Sean Waltman is preparing to launch an in-ring comeback.

The 48-year old recently underwent knee surgery, but he's keen to step back inside the ring. Waltman told Sports Illustrated that he'd "be psyched to have more matches in a WWE ring". If "they're not interested", then Sean wouldn't be against the idea of seeking out other opportunities elsewhere.

AEW, maybe? How about Impact Wrestling, ROH, the NWA or beyond?


Waltman isn't ruling anything out. He's just unhappy that he didn't "leave this business on [his] terms", and wants to make up for lost time. If healthy, Sean is sure that he could keep up with some of the young lions currently tearing it down in every major company.

SI journalist Justin Barrasso predicted that Waltman could be 100% by January 2022. That'd give him ample time to recover from going under the knife, prep for a comeback and decide exactly where he wants to do it.


Where do you think Sean Waltman should wrestle when he's able? WWE? AEW? Impact? ROH? NWA? New Japan even? The choices are almost endless.

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