This WWE Legend Almost Went "Off-Script" During CM Punk Feud

A WWE Hall Of Famer nearly became a "f*cking douchebag" during his feud with CM Punk.

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Kevin Nash was really tempted to go "off-script" during his 2011 feud opposite CM Punk.

The WWE legend told listeners on his 'Kliq This' podcast that he was left stunned when Punk was booked to "verbally attack" him rather than get physical; Nash had cost Punk the WWE Title at the end of that year's SummerSlam pay-per-view, and he thought for sure that creative would want to make the full-timer look like a badass.

Instead, they had the fallen champ "stand 250 feet" from Kev and hurl insults.


Nash looked on in horror, and legit thought about wrecking WWE's script by marching over to Punk and throwing the first punch. That would've forced the babyface to fight back, but it would've also landed the artist formerly known as Diesel in hot water backstage.

'Big Daddy Cool' knew that Vince McMahon, Triple H and others would be furious if he went against his marching orders and "went into business for himself". Regardless, Kev thought about being "a f*cking douchebag" and going off-script anyway.


Looking back, he's thankful he didn't, but still believes WWE's writers made Punk look weak.

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