This WWE Main Roster Newbie Is OVER With Management

Triple H, Vince McMahon and more are happy with this WWE man's performances.

Grayson Waller

Fightful Select are reporting that there's been "a lot of positive reception" behind the scenes in WWE over Grayson Waller's recent performances on-screen.

Waller earned rave reviews behind the curtain for his work opposite John Cena at Money In The Bank over in the UK, and he was able to ride the crest of that momentum into this week's SmackDown. There, Grayson lost to returning legend Edge, and it's believed management were chuffed with how things turned out.


This is great news for Waller - Friday's bout vs. Edge was his first on TV since moving up from NXT to WWE's main roster, so it's a real positive for the guy that key figures behind the scenes liked it. Further, he must be heartened to learn that those same folks like what he's been doing with his "Grayson Waller Effect" chat show segments on SmackDown to date.

This wasn't mentioned in Fightful's report, but there had been some grumbles amongst fans on social media that Waller hosting talk show skits wasn't enough. Many were keen to see him work matches in-ring more often, but WWE seem happy enough with how things are going generally.


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