This WWE Star Taught Bad Bunny How To Perform His WrestleMania 'Destroyer'

Bad Bunny learned that WrestleMania 'Destroyer' the day before, but who taught him?

Miz Morrison Bad Bunny

Damian Priest told Sportskeeda that he was the one who taught Bad Bunny how to perform his WrestleMania 37-popping Canadian Destroyer on John Morrison.

Priest showed Bunny a video of the move (which the rapper was aware of beforehand) and suggested that he use it as a high spot in their tag-team match against Morrison and The Miz. Bunny wasn't sure at first, but Damian walked him through it - this happened the day before 'Mania.



Bunny was understandably unsure if adding such a high-pressure move to the bout so close to the big night was worth the risk. Priest talked him into it though, and things worked out well. That Destroyer became one of the pay-per-view's most-talked about moments.

Priest also revealed that his musician mate has an incredible work ethic and trained tirelessly so he wouldn't let anybody down. Together, the pair would show up before both Raw and SmackDown tapings at the ThunderDome to work out in the ring.


That dedication has helped endear Bunny to the rest of the WWE roster, but it's incredible to learn that he only figured out the Destroyer 24 hours before performing it.

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