This WWE Star Was Told He'd NEVER Be World Champion

WWE warned this current SmackDown man that he'd never taste the top titles.

Dolph Ziggler World Title

Dolph Ziggler was once told that he'd never get to taste the top titles in WWE.

The current SmackDown star, who teams with Robert Roode as the heel 'Dirty Dawgs' duo on Friday nights, told SportsKeeda that officials once pulled him aside to warn he'd ultimately fail to cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase back in 2013.

That, of course, wasn't the case - plans change often in WWE, and somebody (Vince McMahon, presumably) decided that it'd be better to give Dolph a short run with the old World Heavyweight Title instead. That's something he'll always be grateful for despite never staying on top for very long.


Ziggler still believes that it was fan response to him post-MITB win that altered WWE's plans. The company maybe didn't realise what they had on their hands until hearing reactions for Dolph. That, he thinks, bagged him that World Title moment on the 8 April 2013 Raw.

It didn't last. Ziggler dropped the belt to Alberto Del Rio at Payback on 16 June. At least he managed to defy WWE's expectations before that though.

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