Three Former Impact Stars Return At Bound For Glory 2020

Call Your Shot gauntlet spiced up by returning stars.

Impact Wrestling

Three faces of Impact past made cameos at last night's Bound for Glory pay-per-view.

The trio of former stars, comprised of James Storm, Daivari, and Swoggle, all alighted in the night's 20-person Call Your Shot gauntlet contest. None of the men were successful in their endeavour. It's unclear at present whether these are one-shot deals, or if any of the three will be appearing regularly.

Daivari, who competed for TNA as Sheik Abdul Bashir, was first up, only to be eliminated by the returning Swoggle - better known from his WWE run as Finlay's Lil' Bastard, Hornswoggle. After the conclusion of his time in Stamford back in 2016, Swoggle turned up at Impact's legendary Total Nonstop Deletion as Rockstar Spud (Drake Maverick)'s partner. Perhaps the most noteworthy moment of his Impact tenure was losing his trousers after playfully ruffling Spud's hair. Look it up if you want.


After teaming with Bryan Myers in last night's gauntlet, Swoggle tasted the bitter poison of betrayal, eliminated by the ex-Curt Hawkins.

The final returnee - and easily the most notable - was decorated former TNA star James Storm, who entered the match in the number 15 spot. The Beer Money man was ultimately ousted by Sami Callihan.


Storm, 43, has been largely inactive throughout 2020 owing to NWA's suspension courtesy of the pandemic. His contract with the company wound down in September - is a permanent Impact place on the cards? We hope so.

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