TNA Announces Full Card For Bound For Glory PPV

The show's 10th edition will take place in Tokyo, Japan on October 12th.

With TNA Wrestling€™s biggest pay-per-view of the year less than two weeks away, the company has officially released the entire card for this year€™s Bound for Glory. This year€™s 10th annual edition of the PPV event will take place at the legendary Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan on October 12th. The show will be jointly produced along with Keiji Mutoh€™s Wrestle-1 promotion. Many fans had wondered when TNA would announce the match-ups for Bound for Glory as the event grew closer. Now, the company has officially announced the entire card for the PPV. Interestingly, only one championship will be on the line, and it€™s not the TNA World title. Also, the card will unsurprisingly feature a handful of TNA versus Wrestle-1 contests. The recently debuted Knockout, Havok, will compete against former Knockout Champion, Velvet Sky. The masked Manik will take on Wrestle-1€™s Minoru Tanaka, while Ethan Carter III will go up against Ryoto Hama. MVP will also get in on the inter-promotional action as he€™ll do battle with Kazma Sakamoto. €œThe Cowboy€ James Storm will team with the Great Sanada to take on former WWE competitor, Tajiri, and the Japanese legend, the Great Muta. One of the more anticipated matches will see Samoa Joe defend his recently won X-Division Championship against Low-Ki and the former All Japan Junior Heavyweight Champion, Kaz Hayashi. Furthermore, Team 3D will be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame prior to the event. However, the duo will compete at the PPV, as they take on two hardcore icons -- Abyss and Tommy Dreamer. In an article on TNA€™s website, Executive Vice-President John Gaburick stated that Bound for Glory €œwill be the most intriguing and captivating three hours of professional wrestling action all year.€ He went on to add that it €œwill once again set the standard for the best wrestling in the world.€ Despite their biggest show of the year looming, F4W Online reports that the company has not been viewing the PPV as a top priority. As previously noted and discussed extensively, TNA Wrestling has been in a bit of a dire situation. As such, the company and its President, Dixie Carter, have been more concerned with landing a new television deal for their Impact program. Without a new deal, TNA would likely face the unfortunate predicament of folding. Will Bound for Glory prove a worthy pay-per-view event that helps regenerate TNA in these troubling times? Or, will the show in Tokyo go down in history as TNA€™s last major event? Let us know your thoughts on the announced card in the comments below.
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